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Voices! - Letters

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Srila Prabhupada said:

"Srila Vyasadeva revealed these statements after perfect realization and therefore they are perfect, for liberated sages like Vyasadeva never commit errors in their rhetorical arrangements. Unless one accepts this fact, there is no use in trying to obtain help from the revealed scriptures."  -- CC Adi-Lila Chapter 2 text 86 purport.

"If you concoct, 'I am more intelligent than my Guru,' 'I can make additions and alterations,' then you are finished." -- Srila Prabhupada lecture July 12, 1975 Philadelphia Pa.

"We cannot water down the philosophy to make it more palatable. Our books must remain as they are." -- Srila Prabhupada letter to Lilavati devi dasi March 31, 1977.


Notable Quotes:

Jasomatinandan prabhu:  " ... commonsense dictates that except for typographical mistakes such as "planet of the trees," no editions and subtractions should be done from 1972 edition."


Voices! - Rama Raghava Prabhu
Author: General Contributor
Added: 02/19/2003
Type: Review
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Letter of Support

To the devotees that this should concern,


Hare Krishna.  Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Shrila Prabhupada.


I came in touch with Krishna Consciousness in 1974 when I was interested in the Beatles, and traveling devotees sold a book to one of my friends in high school, at a county fair.  I remember getting the KRSNA, The Supreme Personality of Godhead book and taking it with me everyday to school for the rest of my 2-1/2 years in high school.  Instead of mingling with my friends during lunch, I would sit and read every word of the KRSNA book with rapt attention.  Just knowing that I had that book with me gave me joy, what to speak of reading it, or showing it some of my friends.  Because of the faith in Shrila Prabhupada's words that even neophytes like myself had, people who saw the book were amazed, impressed, and intrigued.


In the last few years, hearing about the numerous editorial changes being made to Shrila Prabhupada's books has been painful to hear.  It has come to my attention that these changes are much more than corrections of spelling errors.  When Shrila Prabhupada used these books he gave his full authorization. He had admonished his disciples on several occasions NOT to change his books so why is Jayadvaita Swami, however intelligent he may be, audacious enough to make these changes? Srila Prabhupada has categorically stated NO CHANGES.




Svarupa Damodara:  I think they're working too independently without consulting properly.


Yasodanandan:  Sometimes they appeal that 'We can make better

English,' so they change like that, just like in the case of Isopanisad. There are over a hundred changes. So where is the need? Your words are sufficient. The potency is there. When they change, it is something else.


Svarupa Damodara:  That's actually a very dangerous mentality.


Yasodanandan:  What is it going to be in five years? It's going to be a different  book. Srila Prabhupada:  So you...What are you going... it is a very serious situation. You write one letter that "Why you have made so many changes?" And whom to write?  Who will care?  All rascals are there? Write to Satsvarupa that, "This is the position. They are doing anything and everything at their whim."  The next printing should be again the original way.\r\n\r\nSrila Prabhupada Room Conversation, June 22, 1977, Vrindaban




Jayadvata Swami should take the above instruction seriously from Srila Prabhupada to reinstate the next printing to be "again the original way."


Please, please, with a straw in my mouth, DO NOT CHANGE Shrila Prabhupada's books.  Let's preserve the literary legacy of the gift of the Lord's pure devotee, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, to the people of Kali-yuga.  It has been explained in so many other places, why changing an author's books posthumously is improper.




Rama Raghava Dasa

Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma

Mt.Sinai at Jamaica, Queens

New York, New York.


Feb 19, 2003

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