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Srila Prabhupada said:

"Srila Vyasadeva revealed these statements after perfect realization and therefore they are perfect, for liberated sages like Vyasadeva never commit errors in their rhetorical arrangements. Unless one accepts this fact, there is no use in trying to obtain help from the revealed scriptures."  -- CC Adi-Lila Chapter 2 text 86 purport.

"If you concoct, 'I am more intelligent than my Guru,' 'I can make additions and alterations,' then you are finished." -- Srila Prabhupada lecture July 12, 1975 Philadelphia Pa.

"We cannot water down the philosophy to make it more palatable. Our books must remain as they are." -- Srila Prabhupada letter to Lilavati devi dasi March 31, 1977.


Notable Quotes:

Jasomatinandan prabhu:  " ... commonsense dictates that except for typographical mistakes such as "planet of the trees," no editions and subtractions should be done from 1972 edition."


Can Pure Vibration Be Measured?
Author: Name Withheld On Request
Added: 02/28/2003
Type: Review
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Can Pure Vibration Be Measured?

Hare Krishna.


I recently reviewed the upgrade for the Vedabase Folio.  Following this letter are portions of the introductory material written by Jayadvaita that is included with the Folio.  His introduction reveals much about the way he approaches Srila Prabhupada's words.  That this introduction is included in the folio is disturbing. 


I was particularly upset about the way he delineates "levels of authority" as well as his comments about Prabhupada's lectures. He feels because they were spoken spontaneously, without a plethora of Vedic Scriptures in front of him, and the fact that Prabhupada didn't have a full grasp of the English language makes these words less authoritative. He feels that Prabhupada's lectures are lower authority because there is no opportunity to revise and edit them!


The implications to Jayadvaita's editorial construct are incredible. Does this mean to say that whatever Prabhupada personally spoke to us should be taken as a grain of salt until someone like Jayadvaita has a chance to "interpret" them for us as Srila Prabhupada really meant?  He is obviously minimizing Srila Prabhupada's transcendental position and the potency of the sound vibration emanating from his lotus lips. 


I feel sorry for him because I see that he has no faith in the transcendental potency of Srila Prabhupada's original words.


[Devotee Name Withheld by Request]



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